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About Us

Razor Edge Knife Sharpening is distinguished by its experience and professionalism.  Bob  uses diamond-edge knife sharpening stones to ensure the sharpest 20º angle, thus extending the life of your knifes and shortening your time in the kitchen!  Bob does all his work by hand (no power grinders!) to produce a razor sharp edge.  He uses 10 stones and 2 leather strops in the process, and can produce any angle from 15º to 30º.


Bob offers residential and commercial services, and if you are in the restaurant industry with a large volume and time constraints, not to worry - Bob will work around your schedule, with pick-up and drop-off service!


We can also sharpen general use sisors, mower blades, axes, cheisels, planer blades and large knives .

Our Services Include:

Custom Knife Sharpening

Chef's knives

Hunting knives

Pocket knives

Kitchen cutlery

Sicssors sharpened

Hair cutting shears

Lawn equipment, Mowers,clippers,trimmers, etc.

Custom knife making, knives made to order it's yours get it just the way you want it with diamonds and ruby's


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All work is 100% garanteed!