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We offer a variety of residential and commercial sharpening services, including (but not limited to) the following:

Inaddition I make knives of all shapes and sizes of knives.

Our Rates:
Straight edges, single blade knives -12" to 10" $5.00,9" to 7" $ 4.00,  6" to paring $3.50
Add $1.50 for Tanto blades ( combo serrated & straight )
Sushi knives: $ 7.50
Pocket knives: $ 2.50 to3.50
Serrated knives: $ 5.50/ blade full or partial
Hunting/skinning knives: $ 6.50
Combat/survival knives: $ 9.00, Free to active duty personal.
*Multi angles on blades are 1 1/2 the cost of single.
Scissors, general household: lg $ 5.50, sm 300 
Hair cutting shears  $ 28.00
Additional fees:
Removal of chipped blade tips (minor) $ 2.00                             Riding Mower blades $ 12.00, Reel mower blades 18.00.

Single head Ax         $ 10.00

Double head AX       $ 18.00

Chisels set               $ 22.00 set of 5

If you don't see the item listed that you need sharpened please feel free to call 970-761-1225 leave a message if no answer.

Online services are available!  Contact us for details.



Just because you don't live in Steamboat Springs, CO, doesn't mean that you can't have the sharpest set of knives you have ever used!


We are happy to service your knives no matter your location; simply ship them to us and we will cover the cost of return shipping if you are sending 12 or more knives.   


To keep your shipping costs down, we advise that you use USPS and the smallest box possible.  When packing, wrap each knife with paper and add extra paper at the end of the box to protect your knives and keep them from poking through the box. When you send your pakage purchase a return mail postage stamp unless you are sending 12 0r more then we will pay the return postage.


Razors edge also makes knives of all kinds sizes and shapes. I make hunting knives, survial knives just about any and every thing you want, just contact me and we can start the process. 970-761-1225.